TPF Merchandise Planning Services

The Planning Factory offer a full service in all areas of merchandise planning

You may need:

  • An audit to measure the effectiveness of your current planning process
  • Assistance with implementation of 3rd party solutions
  • Design and implementation of custom solutions
  • A quickly implemented off the shelf solution
  • Training in merchandise planning concepts and techniques

Whatever your requirements, we will do our best to provide a solution that fits your business

TPF Financial Budgeting Services

We can help you escape from spreadsheet Hell!

We can also integrate your financial plans with other business areas

If you want to replace silos of information with JOINED UP PLANNING contact us now!

The Planning Factory

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The Planning Factory

The Planning Factory is the UK's premier management consultancy company specialising in the field of Merchandise Planning and Merchandise Planning Training. Our main merchandise planning site at has a wealth of material on Merchandise Planning, Channel Planning, Assortment Planning and, Range Planning including articles and links to other resources.

Our proven expertise means that our "Introduction to Merchandise Planning" course really does achieve results.

This is the self-assessed difference in level of understanding of Merchandise Planning from before to after the course - scores towards the right indicate higher confidence and understanding

The Planning Factory

We also specialise in Business Intelligence in retail and can help you with low cost high value implementations using open source software like Jedox Palo to minimise project costs, or using tools like IBM's TM1 if you prefer to use branded products.

This site is the gateway to our on-line retail merchandise planning training course. To find out more about the merchandise planning training course please use the menu on the right of this page.